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R & S Builders has delivered affordable custom designed homes, to satisfied customers, in the Greater Kansas City area for past 11 years. During that time, we have won multiple awards. In fact, R & S Builders was the first certified Easy-Living Builder in Greater Kansas City. We are one of the first to use Universal Design and Energy Star certifications. These awards are based on the innovations, quality, design, affordability, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction of our homes. Our attention to detail allows us to custom build homes at affordable prices. This alone has grown our business by 338% in the past 5 years. We pride ourselves on delivering and exceeding customer expectations. To that end, R & S Builders has developed and implemented "The Equity Home Builder Program." An innovation everyone in the building business will eventually follow. This gives you a clear advantage over others in the marketplace.

This program is customized to generate your personal wish list for your new home. Yet, the program utilizes builder knowledge to develop a way to make those needs return on the investment for the long term. R & S Builders develops an outline of the home building processes and then looks for ways to save on cost. This allows you to get the granite counter tops at a cost-savings to fit within your budget. With you in mind, we develop home building solutions to meet your particular needs. The process of communications also separates R & S Builders from standard builders. We generate a building timeline to follow, with help from Mother Nature, and keep you informed of the progress and development of your new home. This allows you to concentrate on the details of your new home, such as colors, flooring, fixtures, etc. The whole process is geared to make your home, just that, your home. R & S provides you with the answers to make cost-savings a priority without a decline of quality. We thrive on customer satisfaction. We specialize in giving you what you want at a price you can afford. R & S Builders is a solution provider for your housing needs. Give yourself the opportunity to sit down for a free consultation and start planning your affordable dream home with R & S Builders!