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Universal Design

Missouri State University explains the concept of Universal Design as “The intent of Universal Design is to simplify life for everyone by making products, communications and the built environment more usable by as many people as possible at little or no extra cost. Universal design benefits people of all ages and abilities.” The common features are listed below.

No step Entrances. One entrance must have no steps and a very flat threshold to enter the home. This entrance must also have a 5’ area to maneuver, typically in a sheltered environment, ie garage, roof overhang.

Wider door passages. The typical door for Universal Design must accommodate a 32” clearance which is usually a 36” doorway. This allows passage for wheelchairs and walkers.

Kitchens need a clear floor space of at least 5’. This is to accommodate wheelchair maneuverability.

Increased electrical outlets and height positioning. The standard height and number of outlets is changed due to an increase for additional lights and alarms.

Clear floor space in bathrooms. The bathroom will increase in size and may feature a no step or curb less shower. This is for convenience.

Additional Features are available ask R & S Builders for more information.