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Energy Efficiency

Universal Design and Energy Star:

R & S Builders builds homes within the current and future standards of Universal Design and Energy Star. Our commitment to providing affordable custom homes that comply with these certifications gives us the ability to provide you with huge cost-savings. These savings are implemented throughout the building process, from framing, insulating, duct work, and final finish. This allows you to see inexpensive utility costs and more comfort in your new home. R & S Builders hires a third party inspector to generate your new homes certification. We provide you with comfort and affordability in your new home. Here's a little explanation of the codes to adhere to these fine building practices.

Energy Star

Energy Star

R & S Builders complies with current and future Energy Star Certifications. We hire third party inspectors to achieve the highest standards in the home building business. The general consensus for Energy Star is it has saved money and energy for millions. Energy Star is stipulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. In home building, the EPA states for a home to be certified by Energy Star, it must be 15% more efficient than homes that were built to the 2004 International Residential Code. R & S Builders not only complies to those standards but exceeds them. We are always looking to find cost-savings for you and provide comfort as well. Below are a few of the examples, R & S Builders, institutes to achieve Energy Star status and save you money.

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